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My Moodle site link to access the course   User Interface design ,

You can see  LeD Video for the topic “Interaction Stlyes” in the course ” User Interface

design” of  my moodle site 

LeD Video:

After seeing the LeD Video, You can attend  Two LbD activities by clicking the respective link and login using username and password given below

LbD Actuvity 1: 

LbD Actuvity 2 :

You can use any of the following  username and password for login to moodle under student role.

User name       Password

student_test     Test@student1

student2_test     Test@student2

Fdp101x01       Fdp101x01*

Fdp101x02       Fdp101x02*

Fdp101x03       Fdp101x03*

Fdp101x04       Fdp101x04*

Fdp101x05       Fdp101x05*

Fdp101x06       Fdp101x06*

Fdp101x07       Fdp101x07*

Fdp101x08       Fdp101x08*

Fdp101x09       Fdp101x09*

Fdp101x10       Fdp101x10*




Fdp101x73       Fdp101x73*

Fdp101x74       Fdp101x74*


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