Handled Subjects at MCET

Theory :

  1. 140CS9172-User Interface Design                      IV CSE A    2017-18 ODD
  2. 141CA9121-Adhoc and Sensor Networks          III MCA      2017-18 ODD
  3. 140CS0801-Principles of Management              IV CSE        2017-18 EVEN
  4. 141CS0701-Cloud Technology                             IV CSE B     2018-19 ODD
  5. 16CST33-Java Programming                                II CSE B      2018-19 ODD
  6. 16CSE03-User Interface Design                           III CSE        2018-19 EVEN

One Credit Course:

  1.  Web Designing using PHP & Jquery(i/c-2)         III CSE       2017-18 ODD
  2. 140IR5159-DevOps Technologies                       III CSE        2017-18 EVEN
  3. Routing and Switching Essentials                      III CSE        2018-19 ODD
  4. Arduino Programming                                         II CSE         2018-19 EVEN


  1. 140CS0507-Computer Networks Lab (i/c-2)     III CSE B    2017-18 ODD
  2. 141CS0605-Big Data Lab (i/c-2)                          III CSE B     2017-18 EVEN
  3. 141CS0704-Cloud Technology Lab                     IV CSE B    2018-19 ODD
  4. Big Data Lab (i/c-2)                                               III CSE A&B    2018-19 EVEN
  5. Database Lab                                                         II CSE B    2018-19 EVEN

UG Projects:


  1. Facial Expression based music player using Viola Jones Algorithm
  2. Cuckoo Search and Ant colony based optimized route in Traveling Salesman Problem


  1. Secure and Efficient Querying of Patient Health -Record
  2. Indian Currency Recognition System using Intelligent SIFT Color Algorithm in smartphones

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