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  1. Catherinagax

    Нellо all, guуѕǃ I know, my mеѕѕаge may be toо sресific,
    But my ѕіѕtеr fоund niсe mаn here аnd they marrіed, so hоw аbout me?! 🙂
    I аm 26 уeаrѕ оld, Cathеrіnа, from Romаnіa, Ι know Еngliѕh and Germаn lаnguagеs аlѕo
    Аnd… Ι have sресifіс dіѕеаѕe, nаmed nуmphomаniа. Ԝho know what is this, can understand mе (bettеr to ѕаy іt іmmеdiаtely)
    Ah yеs, Ι сооk vеry tаѕtyǃ and I lоve not only cook ;))
    Im rеal gіrl, nоt prostіtute, аnd lоokіng for seriouѕ аnd hot rеlatіоnѕhip…
    Аnywау, уоu сan fіnd mу prоfіlе hеrе:

  2. Jim Lilly

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  3. Felicity Buckland

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  4. Linabut

    Рerhарѕ mу mesѕagе іѕ tоo spеcіfіс.
    Вut mу оldеr sіstеr found a wonderful mаn hеre and theу hаvе а grеаt relаtіonѕhip, but whаt аbout me?
    Ι аm 22 уears old, Lina, from the Сzech Rерublic, know Englіѕh languаgе аlso
    Аnd… bеtter tо ѕау іt іmmеdiаtelу. I аm bіѕеxual. Ι аm not ϳeаlоus оf аnothеr woman… esрeсіаllу if we makе lоvе tоgether.
    Αh yeѕ, I cооk vеry tastуǃ and Ι lоve nоt only сооk ;))
    Ιm reаl girl аnd lооking fоr ѕerіоus and hot relationship…
    Аnywaу, уоu сan fіnd mу рrоfіlе herе:

  5. Mark Davis

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  6. Nick Petrus

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  7. Evan Edye

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  8. Alisa Grainger

    New alternative funding program (Employee Retention Credit-ERC) for business owners and entrepreneurs impacted by the Pandemic.

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  9. Steve Ogilvy

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  10. Samantha Whitney


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  11. Dieter Morshead

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  12. Marylin Buttenshaw

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  13. Lorene Collins

    New alternative funding program (Employee Retention Credit-ERC) for business owners and entrepreneurs impacted by the Pandemic.

    Program Highlights:

    · Up to $26,000 Per Employee (Get up to a 7 Figure check from the IRS)

    · Part of the CARES ACT (You will be paid by the IRS not the SBA)

    · Qualify with decreased revenue or Any Covid event (i.e was closed for 1 day)

    · No limit on funding (ERC is not a loan)

    · IRS will mail a check (You do not need to pay this back)

    Qualification requirement:

    · Minimum 1 W2 employee

    · In business before March. 2021

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  14. Linda H

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  15. Michelle H

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  16. Micheal Holder

    Hey there,

    I’ve been sending you a few messages and emails for the last few days. I know the process may seem a bit overwhelming and I want to make sure that you feel comfortable and ready.

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  17. John M. White

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  18. Alannah Daplyn

    The only way to really know is to look for the NSF Label on all your supplement products. If it does nt have the NSF label, just say no!

    What is an NSF facility / FDA Registered Facility and Why These are Important?

    Today, going to the store is not all about picking up what you need, paying for it, and heading back home. You have to research and check
    the ingredients. Manufacturers are chasing sales and cutting losses by using highly processed ingredients, some of which might have adverse long-term effects.

    Most companies are FDA-approved. But for brands that take extra precautions and value the well-being and safety of their customers,
    for instance fixing brand alignment issues, NSF certification is the gold standard. Only a handful of companies meet the requirements of NSF certification, and ours is one of them.

    What is NSF?

    The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is a third-party testing and validation foundation that has been in operation since 1944. The foundation has grown
    in popularity among consumers and manufacturers because of its strict measures and dedication to improving global human health.

    While the FDA is highly regarded, the NSF is the GOLD STANDARD in terms of consumer safety. Its standards help to protect food, water, consumer
    products, and the environment through testing, auditing, and certifying products and systems.

    What is an NSF Facility?

    An NSF facility is any facility that has qualified and received NSF certification. In some cases, you might notice facilities that claim to have
    goods “tested to NSF standards.” This is not the same or equal to having NSF certification.

    To have NSF certification, the facility needs to;

    Have their claims of reduced contaminants in their products and production lines verified and proven.
    Their systems must be tested to ensure they don’t add harmful products to the water or foods that they process or handle.
    The facility must have structurally sound systems that meet the stringent measures and requirements of the NSF.
    The advertising literature and labeling used in the products are verified and accurate.
    The materials and production processes are thoroughly tested to guarantee quality products over time.
    It is not enough that a brand claims to have products’ tested to NSF standards’; these claims have to be verified. Vava’s nutritional supplements are produced
    in an NSF-certified facility meaning all the claims like being vegan-friendly, non-GMO, Cruelty-free, and organic are verified and validated. Our customers have
    complete confidence in the value they get inside our supplement bottles.

    How Do You Know If a Product and Facility is NSF Certified?

    Simple! All NSF-certified products and facilities carry the NSF mark. The mark is a symbol of assurance the packaging claims are accurate and work as expected.

    That means you no longer have to worry about going through the confusing ingredients list, or the misleading marketing literature. All you need to do is check for the NSF mark.

    Why is it essential for consumers to check for NSF certification?

    With the rampant food safety outbreaks and recalls, taking care of your body and guaranteeing the hygiene and care used to make consumer products or foods is becoming harder.

    Brands are becoming more deceptive in a bid to increase market share, and increasingly dangerous ingredients are finding their way into your foods.

    We understand that your health and overall well-being are your focal points. That’s why all our supplements and health support products are produced in an NSF-registered CGMP facility. Why is this important?

    NSF-registered Facilities build trust

    Consumer trust is at an all-time low. More than half of the customers aren’t satisfied with the information available on product labels.

    One of the ways brands can build trust with their customers is by including trusted certifications on their product packaging and labeling.

    Being an independent public health organization, NSF is one of the most credible sources, and its blue symbol is recognized globally.

    NSF Facilities are Health code compliant

    Healthy living is more than the food you eat. It’s also about the appliances and products you use to prepare your food. Even though not everything in your kitchen needs to be NSF certified, NSF certified appliances meet and exceed the standards of quality and health set by local, state, and federal health codes.

    For restaurateurs and other business operators that require frequent inspection, the NSF certification mark is a quick hint to inspectors of compliance and quality.

    The NSF symbol represents consumer protection

    The CDC estimates that over 48 million people contract foodborne illnesses annually. Up to 128,000 of those require medical attention in a hospital around 3,000 people die from such complications.

    These are bone-chilling numbers. Poorly designed equipment is mainly to blame for the cross-contamination and endangering of millions of lives.

    The checks and balances done by the NSF are aimed to reduce the risk of contamination by ensuring food-grade equipment and food produce are handled in the proper environment using safety equipment. The NSF symbol only appears on foods and consumer products that pass these checks, meaning the chances of cross-contamination are lower.

    Accuracy: You get what’s on the label

    It’s common practice for brands to exaggerate what’s on offer. Consumers are up in arms, taking drastic measures to adopt healthier lifestyles. Brands take note of this and label their products accordingly. As you might have noticed, in most cases, the labeling is misleading.

    With consumer products that carry the NSF symbol, the claims on the labeling and packaging are verified and validated. If you buy bread with a label indicating “made with real carrots,” then the bread contains real carrots as an ingredient.

    The NSF mark symbolizes truth and transparency in the claims on the product label.

    The Takeaway

    Getting NSF certification is not easy. There is a ton of qualifications and standards that have to be met. In some states, it’s a requirement that specific equipment, especially those used in the restaurant business, be approved and certified by NSF International. There’s also a seven-step process that products must pass through to meet the NSF criteria.

    Good health is your most valuable asset, and you should guard it jealously. That’s why we find it necessary to go through the stringent NSF measures to provide you with products that not only support your body in being the best it can be but also made from the best practices that are safe for the environment as well.

    Sorry guys, nothing to sell you in this email. Just education. Hope You have a safe and happy hiliday season, and only buy supplements form NSF approved facilities.
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  19. Stacey Trevino


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  20. James

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  22. Johnny Jacob

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  23. Allen Young


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  24. James McGregor

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  25. Sabine Doe

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  26. RaymondMeams

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